Girish Bahal

Senior Lecturer in Economics

University of Western Australia Business School.

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Cambridge

Research interests: Networks in Economics, Macroeconomics, and Labor Economics

You can find my CV here

Email: girish.bahal[at]

Selected Publications

A Tale of Two Programs: Assessing Treatment and Control in NREGA Studies World Bank Economic Review, 2022

Supply Variabilities in Public Workfares with A. Shrivastava. Journal of Development Economics, 2021

Estimating the Impact of Welfare Programs on Agricultural Output: Evidence from India American Journal of Agr. Economics, 2020

Crowding-Out or Crowding-In? Public and Private Investment in India, with M. Raissi and V. Tulin. World Development, 2018


2020-2022 Religion and Covid-19 Keynes Fund, University of Cambridge. Joint with S. Iyer (University of Cambridge) and A. Shrivastava (Azim Premji University). Amount: $85,000. Role: Principal Investigator. 

2019-2022 Social Identities and the Labour Market Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Joint with researchers from IIM Bangalore and Azim Premji University. Amount: $500,000. Role: Principal Investigator. 

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Working Papers

The Effect of Supply Base Diversification on the Propagation of Shocks with C. Jenkins and D. Lenzo. CAMA Working Paper 60/2022

Beyond Domar Weights: A New Measure of Systemic Importance in Production Networks with D. Lenzo. CAMA Working Paper 30/2023

Social Capital and Distress Borrowing: Evidence from Covid-19 in India with Z. de Souza and A. Shrivastava 

Religion, Covid-19, and Mental Health with S. Iyer, K. Shastry, and A. Shrivastava. CEPR Discussion Paper No. 17791

Deconstructing Aggregate Fluctuations with D. Lenzo. CAMA Working Paper 7/2022

Aggregate Fluctuations, Network Effects, and Covid-19 with D. Lenzo. CAMA Working Paper 59/2022

Program Capital: The Cumulative Effect of Public Workfares

"When Firms Matter: Propagation of Firm-Level Shocks through Production Network" with A. Shrivastava and S. Kumar 

"Does Anticipated Discrimination Explain Gender Segregation in the Labor Market?" with J. Feld and A. Shrivastava 

"Epidemics and Mass Gatherings" with S. Iyer and A. Shrivastava